Dear applicant,


This is the home page of an online application for grant under the USAID Diaspora Invest Project. The call is open until the 31st March 2023 .Before you begin filling out the application, please read the document regarding terms of the application and the selection procedures on the link: HERE

Please note that once you enter your e-mail address and start the online application, your entry will be saved and you can continue the application where you left of (even in case of shutting down the application). All data is automatically saved and stored for a secured online application process (the application is initiated by re-entering the same e-mail address).


To complete the online application you will need the supporting documentation and information about the company in BiH applying, as well as the documents confirming personal status of a member of the BiH diaspora who has a business relationship with the company. Read and download these documents here, so it is easier for you to fill out, scan and upload required documentation in later steps. Documents required (with links to download forms):

These templates can be also downloaded in step (8) of your grant application. At the same step (step 8) you will enclose scanned and signed documents. Take note of how you attach compulsory documents.

For additional questions, do not miss to sign up for our online info-sessions per dates and locations listed in the Request for Applications, and register via e-mail (name, surname, contact).